The Transport Authority was established in 1987 as a statutory body by the Jamaican Government for regulating and monitoring the public transportation system in the island. The portfolio of the Authority was transferred from the Ministry of Construction to the Ministry of Public Utilities and Transport at that time. The Authority now operates under the Ministry of Transport and Mining. Under the Transport Act of 1987, the Transport Authority acquired the functions formerly performed by:

  • The Licensing Authority
  • The Public Passenger Transport (Corporate Area) Board of Control, and
  • The Public Passenger Transport (Rural Area) Board of Control

The operations of the Transport Authority are governed by:

  • The Road Traffic Act, 1938
  • The Transport Authority Act, 1987
  • The Public Passenger Transport Regulations and Acts (Rural & Corporate Area)


To provide effective and efficient monitoring and regulatory services that facilitate a people-centred, safe, orderly and reliable public passenger transport system.


As the Agency of the Government charged with the responsibility for the licensing of all public and commercial vehicles, and the regulating and monitoring of Public Passenger Vehicles throughout the island of Jamaica, is committed to:

  • The impartial enforcement of all laws, regulations and agreements relating to public land transportation
  • The close and effective monitoring of the system
  • Fostering public awareness of the roles, duties and responsibilities of users of the system
  • Maintaining an efficient, courteous and knowledgeable workforce to improve the quality of service and output delivered


The Transport Authority’s core values are represented by the acronym “IMPACT”:





Customer Focus


Roles & Functions

Roles & Functions of the Transport Authority

  • Regulating and monitoring public passenger vehicles in the island of Jamaica
  • Licensing of all Public Passenger Vehicles and Commercial Carriers island-wide
  • Doing such other things as may, in its opinion, be conducive to an efficient public passenger transport system

Roles & Functions of the Transport Authority Route Inspectors

In keeping with sections 13 (1)a, (1)b & (1)d of the Transport Act (1987)

  • Stop and inspect any Public Passenger Vehicle to ensure compliance with the laws and terms of the road licence
  • Stop and inspect any vehicle suspected to be operating as a Public Passenger Vehicle without a road licence being in force for that vehicle
  • Carry out inspection of drivers and conductors of Public Passenger Vehicles and licences held by these drivers and conductors of Public Passenger Vehicles

In keeping with sections 13 (2)a, (2)b & (1)d of the Transport Act (1987)

  • To seize any vehicle licensed as a Public Passenger Vehicle and being operated contrary to the terms and conditions of the road licence
  • To seize any vehicle operating as a Public Passenger Vehicle without a road licence

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Transport Authority, as part of its efforts to transform relationships with its stakeholders, particularly in nearby communities, has for over the past 15 years implemented Corporate Social Responsibility projects. These projects have focused mainly on children whether at Children’s Homes, Places of Safety, professional training institutions, early childhood and primary schools and include the renovation of the facilities, establishment of play areas and treats of toys, toiletries, electronics and food supplies.

Since 2019 the Authority has implemented a project for sanitization and minor repairs to 12 schools across the island. The beneficiaries include:

  • Devon Primary School (Cristiana)
  • Belle Plain Basic School (Swansea)
  • Galina Primary School (St. Mary)
  • Iona High School
  • Melrose Primary School
  • James Rodley Basic School (Western Region)
  • Bethel Town Basic School (Western Region)
  • Old England Primary & Infant School (Southern Region)
  • Kids Basic School (Southern Region)
  • Trinity Primary School (Northern Region)
  • Balcolme Drive Primary School (Kingston Region)

In 2020 the Authority embarked on a new project geared at promoting healthy lifestyles among operators within the sector by hosting health fairs across the island. The project was supported by the National Health Fund who provides the necessary medical team and facilities.

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