Last Updated June 03, 2024

Kingston, Jamaica: The Transport Authority (the Authority) says there are two Classes of Carriers Licences under section 79 (1) of the Road Traffic Act 1938 – (a) public carriers’ licences; (b) private carriers’ licences.


1.    Public carrier is a commercial vehicle used on a road for the carriage of goods as a business for hire or reward.  Examples of public carriers or commercial motor vehicles are vehicles used to carry goods, materials, etc.


2.     Private carrier is a vehicle used by the owner to carry goods on a road for trade a trade or connected with his/her business.  These carriers do not primarily transport goods as a business for others, for hire or reward but instead focus on carrying their own goods or material. For example, a farmer using his truck to carry animals, feed for the animals or products related to the farm. 


The Authority is advising that vehicles that fall under these categories must be licensed by the Transport Authority who will issue the sticker and the carriers’ licence after the commercial green plate is purchased on instructions of the Authority.


Persons applying for commercial carriers’  licence are required to have a current registration certificate, certificate of fitness, insurance certificate/cover note, copy of identification, TRN and company seal affixed to the application, a fee of $14,000 for private and public carriers, and $11,500 for motor bikes.


Both new and renewal of commercial carriers’ licence can be done Online at




Contact:          Merdina Callum, Corporate Communications Manager (Acting) 

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